Meet the Researchers

Iris's in full bloom in front of the Meredith fountain.

Meet the Researchers

Liz Wolfinger smiling at the camera in a white blouse with a maroon blazer.

Liz Wolfinger

Principal Investigator

Dean of the School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Janey McMillen smiling at the camera.

Janey Sturtz McMillen

Principal Investigator

Director of Sponsored Programs

Francie Cuffney smiling at the camera with gold earrings and an orange shirt.

Francie Cuffney


Professor of Biology

Julie Kolb smiling at the camera in a red and white patterned top.

Julie Kolb


Instructor of Mathematics

Walda Powell smiling at the camear in a red shirt with black stripes.

Walda Powell


Professor of Chemistry

Tomecca Sloane smiling at the camera in an orange dress sweater.

Tomecca Sloane


Former Assistant Dean of Students, Consultant